How To Improve Your Singing Voice Excellent For beginners

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Singing is interesting and a fun activity, but it requires a lot of practice to improve. I’m going to teach you ways on how to sing properly and better especially for beginners.


Breathing is very important and should never be neglected, it is the foundation, therefore, it is very important to work on your breathing support and control, you can do this by performing the following exercises two times a day

*Doing a 360 degree inhale and a slow exhale: The idea is to fill your lungs with air and making an exhale as slow as possible, you may also try counting the exhaling rate by the seconds, do it often and try to increase the time of exhaling. this might look simple but it a very powerful technique.


One of the ways to learn is to sing lower notes which require your vocal chord to contract, this automatically shortens the chord making the larynx wider meanwhile in singing high notes your chord expands, like the guitar the thicker the string, the higher the note. Avoid putting pressure on the larynx so you don’t get fog


This is an exercise for releasing throat tension for example humming, by doing this you need to keep your throats open even though your lips are touching while the sounds come out through your nose and relaxing the muscle behind your ears and try different tones and sirens, also doing the head roll is another way of releasing throat tension, also try drinking warm beverages especially in winter time.


The most important thing about pitch control is breadth, if you’re not supported well with breadth then the pitch cannot be sustained. Another thing you can try is going to the piano and pick a note and try jumping around from C to C on octave make a leap and hit the note to see if you’ll match with the selected key. and make you’re on the same note also try moving up and jumping an octave, sing differently and keep yourself in a more comfortable range when you’re doing pitch. Once it goes outside the range like too high or too low then it will be very difficult for you to control the pitch.


When you sing you create vibrations in your chords and there is little or nothing you can do to change it, Remember making vocal tone is the resonance of your body and can only be manipulated by your face, do not think of one as intellectual concept, one way is using a keyword that matters to you. It is vital to know if it’s a natural tone or not.


This is important if you want to progress. If you have proper posture, not a high chest but a free air space posture without tension in your neck making you breathe freely and relaxing your diaphragm , this is the ability to be able to bounce from note to note without crashing, you need vocal agility to be able to sing well especially on different tones low to high and slow.


Enhancing the quality of your sound basically depends on your breath control and vocal chord, create a resonance space on your face by tilting the back of your face and engaging the pharynx, you will start to hear that you sound clearer on each exercise, also work on relaxation techniques. Here are some great tips:

  • Think of a vowel that can keep your mouth open for example letter “U” or “O”E”I” these vowels gets your pharynx out and creating the perfect resonance,
  • Don’t be tense or nervous, make good use of your Diaphragm by contracting it
  • Keep your throat open enough to relax your larynx
  • Try to be natural and reduce tension
  • Yawning relaxes the throat, try yawning several times
  • Make easy tones as many times as possible, change tones on different occasions while you’re doing that place a finger underneath your chin and hum, you can try the siren sound and this should connect you from your chest to your head and keep you relaxed.
  • Relax your shoulders, throat , tongue and your jaw and don’t strain your muscles
  • Do vocal flaps, it lets you release less air to produce loud sounds.
  • Practice consistently and listen to yourself when you sing
  • Do the head voice
  • Do not shout, use your speaking voice
  • Do the pitch training and harmonising
  • Experiment more with resonance or placement
  • Mentally manipulate several tones
  • Use a musical instrument and practice key balancing
  • Avoid pressure around your chest and breath freely
  • Avoid flat singing and maintain your octave key
  • Keep your heads up and larynx open
  • Do the ” murmerando” exercise, What does it mean, It’s very simple – it means you have to close your mouth and sing like you’re trying to mix sound with words but you will not pronounce any word only make a much better feeling of music.
  • Try to sing with a company, do an acapella and notice how you sound among the group, It can be one or more partner but ideally with one person who sound differently, preferably an opposite sex.

If you think you are a bad singer it could be that you have a very closed face, then you need to stretch out the back of your throat and your face, open your mouth to a reasonable level to allow more air and loud tones, Good singers really put in a lot of work to sound good therefore, you need to practice every day, try a new tone, try a new sensation, try different keys and pitch.

And lastly, take some special daily meals or diet such as honey, hot chocolate or coffee and mix it with raw eggs.


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